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Future online
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA226-SCH-094406
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:238915 €
Sumár projektu:This strategic partnership project is created by consortium of 3 project partners: V.I.A.C. – Institute for youth support and development, Cyrilometodejske gymnazium, zakladni skola a materska skola v Prostejove from the Czech Republic and Finpeda from Finland. The main objective of the project is to implement online virtual tools to reinforce the ability of schools to provide high quality inclusive digital education. Specific objectives: - To bring innovative tool based on virtual reality to support teachers in using digital technologies for online learning. - To develop digital competences of 21st century within the target group of students and teachers. - To help teachers change their attitude in preparing online classes. - To support motivation of students to participate in distance learning and raise the impact of this form of learning on them. - To support inclusive approach for students who have special needs. - To support mental health of students to help them overcome personal difficulties that have negative impact on their school performance. - To strengthen the crossectoral cooperation of schools, digital technology providers and non-governmental organisations to find long-term solution that help schools in participating countries provide high quality online education in long-term perspective. To fulfil this objective we will develop unique online tool that will be used for teachers as well as for students. This solution will be browser based 3D virtual learning environment targeted to tackle the challenge of developing digital skills among the children, teachers, and other types of learners. In this online environment we will create three outputs: - O1 Virtual school class – it will be online 3D space where teachers can meet together with their students to teach them. They will be able to design their own class with various interactive possibilities to upload videos or documents directly on walls, so teachers and students will have direct access to them. There will also be internal communication system via video calls and chat. - O2 Virtual space for teachers – we want to follow probably the greatest need we have identified to help teachers create high-quality learning content for their students. It will be also part of this virtual technology, there will be “open room for teachers” created. For this open room we will design two interactive e-learning courses. The first one will be focused on using digital tools for 21st century for teaching and it will lead teachers through different possibilities they can use for their teaching, including virtual school class and other technologies that are available. Second e-learning will be focused on created high-quality learning content. Teachers will learn how to build their class with using online technologies even if the teaching is not distant anymore. - O3 Virtual mental health class – we will develop one fully equipped educational room for teachers and students with the focus on mental health. There will be four different rooms and every room will be focused on another aspect of mental health – dealing with stress, building mental resilience, overcoming fear and anxiety, solving problems. There will be different learning content created that students and teachers can use – videos, interactive documents, online working sheets etc. The room can be used for teachers as an example of good practise how online learning can look like, so they can find an inspiration there how to build their own classes. Beside it we will organize mobility of teachers to Finland. We will focus on schools that use digital content and will be able to share their expertise with us. We will also organise two educational workshops in every country for teachers as part of dissemination to teach them how to use our platform to be able to support them in using it. At the end of the project we will organize conference about digital education for 21st century in every participating country.