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Maximising learners motivation, engagement and learning through gamification
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA226-SCH-094401
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:271010 €
Sumár projektu:Motivation has been the core of attention among teachers throughout the years as it constitutes the backbone of the learning process. Learning is a complicated, dynamic process that gets completed through learner’s motivation and engagement. The sudden digital transformation that we have witnessed in the last year has made this process even harder and precisely this makes so necessary to find new ways to teach and engage. Increasing motivation is not as easy as following a formula. The project proposal “Maximising learner´s motivation, engagement and learning through gamified environments” (MAXIMUS) aims at designing, developing and testing a digital, customizable and interactive motivation system to engage students in learning and at the same time facilitate learner’s participation, their self-development while mastering transversal skills, deep thinking and creative expression. The system will include game-like elements to inspire game-like reactions and engagement among students. MAXIMUS gathers seven full partners and one associated partner (Microregion 11+) from four different EU countries: Slovakia, Spain, Greece and Portugal. The project consortium comprises a carefully selected mix between non-profit organisations (KRR, IED) two private schools (Colegio Los Peñascales and BESST) one public school (5TH Senior High School of Agrinio), initial VET provider (CESUR) and a HEI (ISMAI). The specific aims of this project are: • To increase the level of stimulus in classes through technologies in a meaningful and effective way • To increase learner’s motivation and active engagement and at the same time increase learner´s transversal skills, critical thinking and creative expression; • To enable learners to monitor their own progress and reward their progress/success; • To create an open and accessible environment for the school community • To help teachers/learners set/meet SMART (achievable) goals in the course • To provide useful tools for teachers to motivate and engage learners • To enable teachers to monitor learners progress in a variety of areas. In order to achieve the abovementioned project aims, out partnership foresees the design, development and testing of the project outputs: 1. Maximus System design & setup 2. Maximum Platform Testing & Upgrade to Mobile application 3. Maximus audio-visual instructions. Experts, teachers and trainers will be involved in designing, developing and testing the project outputs in all project phases. The project foresees to involve at least 30 teachers and 90 students in testing activities. Orchestra will celebrate seven multiplier events to maximise the exploitation potential of the initiative, involving 225 participants in total.
Koordinátor:Klaster regionálneho rozvoja