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New Initiatives and Co-operation for Local Economies
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA204-078246
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:163025 €
Sumár projektu:Many EU regions are relatively far from development centres and face numerous challenges in areas of sustainable local development. There is often a lack of advanced technical, transport, social and environmental infrastructure, lack of jobs but also a lack of skilled workforce, integration of the disadvantaged into the labor market and other functional sustainable local development schemes, but also innovative solutions in economic, social and environmental areas. The main challenges of local development include the fight against climate change and adaptation to climate change, the integration of long-term vulnerable and disadvantaged minorities, the outflow of young people, the establishment and maintenance of the integrity of local authorities and the maintenance of local social and economic development. Main objective of the project: To increase awareness and knowledge of deputies and mayors of local governments and other local development stakeholders, to improve their skills in managing local development and thus to improve planning and implementation of social and economic development of municipalities. Specific objectives: 1). Increase the availability of best local development practices 2). Improve skills, competences, knowledge base of trainers/educator teaching local development stakeholders 3. Increase awareness and awareness, competence, knowledge and responsiveness of local development actors Target groups : • Trainers, educators of the partners active in adult education and trainings (30 persons) • Local decision makers (mayors, councillors,) (300 persons in 7 countries) • Local stakeholders interested in local development (community leaders, priests, NGO activists, farmers, entrepreneurs) - 70 persons Planned activities: a) identify, collect, develop and disseminate good local development practices as a best practice guide for other decision-makers and candidates of border regions of EU b) to prepare and develop and test a training course for decision-makers in areas of project interest (climate change, Roma integration, local development), to share and expand, to enrich local development schemes with new ideas, solutions and practices (c) educate and inform decision-makers, local, regional and national actors about best practices and solutions. Expected outcomes : a) Increased knowledge and skill level of the partner's trainers and educators b) Improved performance of partner's trainers and educators in delivery of trainings for adult target groups c) Improved access of target groups to high quality training in areas of local development d) Improved access of the target group representatives to high quality best practices e) Improved cooperation and networking of EU trainers in area of local development trainings Expected Impact : • Improved performance and public integrity of local decision/makers and politicians • Improved local development due to best practice realisation • Improved life conditions of vulnerable and excluded communities in local level
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