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Towards EduActive Teaching and Career Guidance
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA201-078399
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:312323 €
Sumár projektu:The project called Towards EduActive Teaching and Career Guidance is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of school education of Erasmus+ programme. It is designed and created on the basis of the need to implement methods of innovative experiential learning into the formal educational school system. Our intention is to connect 2 worlds - the world of non-formal and formal learning. Objectives of the project: To develop a comprehensive professional methodological guide for teachers on applying safe learning environments, psychological principles in peer-learning, designing and creating experiential learning activities, implementing metrics to assess the outcomes of experiential learning (EE), and practical games and activities categorized in the curriculum. This guide will include an analysis of the preparedness of the school environment in order to use experiential education (EE) in school practice and the complex process of introducing EE into the educational curriculum. To create a Curriculum (curriculum of practical subject) for secondary school students to develop competence for practice. This will give students practical experience in various situations they may encounter in their future vocation. These will focus on the development of students' soft skills to be able to analyze their professional prerequisites and interests, which will lead them to choose their vocation / further direction after school. This curriculum will include, in particular, practical workshops, games and activities in the form of a training manual; as well as methods of analysis, assessment and reflection of the student profile. To create a Training manual for teachers to actively implement the Methodological guide and Curriculum into the practice. Project will last 36 months and will involve active cooperation of 6 partners from 4 European countries: - Otvorená Hra, Slovakia - Cirkevná Spojená Škola, Slovakia - Siauliu Didzdvario Gimnazija, Lithuania - Centre for International Learning and Leadership, United Kingdom - Ergün Öner Mehmet Öner Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey - Ömerli Kalkınma ve İnisiyatif Derneği, Turkey. Target group of this partnership are secondary school teachers and their students. Together with experts in non-formal education, they will participate in the following activities: - Training of non-formal education for teachers; - Seminar with elements of job shadowing on the topic of inclusion of experiential learning into the formal education system; - Training of teachers for the use of the Methodological Manual and the implementation of the Experiential Education Curricula in the curriculum. The project aims to create a total of 3 intellectual outputs: 1. Methodical guidebook of experiential education for teachers with a collection of practical activities; 2. Experiential education curriculum for future career choice; 3. A comprehensive training program for secondary school teachers to master the methods and concepts of non-formal learning in practice. These outputs will be tested at partner schools and elaborated in 4 language versions. The expected impact of the project is in the real implementation of experiential learning in secondary schools in Europe thanks to the created Methodological Guidebook and the Training Program for Teachers. At the same time, a significant development of students' skills and attitudes that are needed in order to choose the future direction after school is expected. Students will complete a new subject taught according to the created Curricula, where they will develop their skills in the form of experiential workshops and class activities and will be able to reflect, name and analyze these skills and competences.
Koordinátor:Otvorená Hra o. z.