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Mentor Training
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA201-078250
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:228714 €
Sumár projektu:The focus on the quality of education and related to it teacher competences and teacher education is a vital and broadly discussed issue not only in the Central European region but in many countries all over the world. One of its aspects is practical training of will-be teachers and introduction of novice teachers into their profession which in much extent depends on the quality of their supervising teacher, i.e. mentor teacher. As practical experience show, though the position of mentor teacher is legislatively recognized in many countries, the mentor teachers are in most cases not adequately trained for this position. Out of the countries from which the institutions involved in the project are, mentors have been supported within their life-long professional development in Hungary only. The partners in the project are 6 HEIs from 4 countries: SK - Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and J. Selye University in Komarno, CZ - Ostrava University and University of Economics in Prague, HU - K. Eszterhazy University in Eger, RS - University of Novi Sad. All the institutions have long-lasting experience and expertise in teacher training and communication with mentors responsible for teaching practice of will-be-teachers and induction phase of novices. Analyses of the gained experience have shown that appointing mentors is done ad hoc and they lack any support or training to perform well in this position. That is why the partners have decided to tackle the topic of mentor training and use their expertise as well as share the experience of Hungarian colleagues with the issue. Realizing the crucial role of mentors in the process of teacher training and education, while running the project, the project partners intend: - to support mentor teachers professionalism and equip them with relevant mentoring knowledge and skills, thus to make them more self-confident about their role, - to increase the level of their mentoring competencies and understanding of their importance, - to develop an innovative modular mentor training programme for face-to-face and self-study implementation, - to design and develop mentor training materials in five languages (EN, SK, CZ, HU, RS) reflecting the modular programme, - to run teaching practice of will-be-teachers and induction phase of novices in professional environment and make them more trainee friendly, - to increase the quality of practical training of future teachers, - to increase motivation and ensure willingness of young teachers to stay in the teaching profession, - to strengthen the profile of the teaching profession. In order to achieve the above stated objectives, the project partners will make sure the relevant measures are taken within the life of the project and conditions for their fullfillment are created in their respected institutions which will provide the trainings in future. This task requires: - to design an innovative modular curriculum for a mentor-teacher training course, i.e. to design and agree its content and topics addressed and modes of its delivery, - to develop training materials in compliance with the designed curriculum and make it accessible in the national languages (SK, CZ, HU, RS) of the project participants and in English, - to make aware the target groups (existing and prospected mentor teachers and school head teachers) of the project about the interim project outputs and elicit the discussion about them in order to increase their relevance and quality, and make them as tailor made as possible for the intended stakeholders, - to make subject methodology teachers and other teaching staff (willing to be involved in the course delivery) in their institutions knowledgeable about the project objectives and outputs and train them in short-term staff training events, - to design CPD modular training programme in compliance with national legislation and submit it for accreditation to the relevant legislative body, - to advertise the programme and use the developed materials in the face-to-face trainings, and for self-study of mentors. The intellectual outputs developed within the project life will be accessible on the project website not only for the project partners but also for wider community of educators and other interested public also beyond the life of the project. They will serve as the basis for multiplier events with project stakeholders who are expected to disseminate the information about the otputs to staff and experts involved in education. The developed materials will have long-lasting impact on the target groups of will-be-teachers mentors and novice teachers mentors especially after the life of project when the institutions deliver the accredited CPD training programmes for mentors and when the mentors being aware of the project results and outputs start using the materials displayed on the project website for their self-study, thus raising their self-confidence and quality of young teachers competences.
Koordinátor:Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre