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We Are Smarter Than Technology
Číslo projektu:2018-1-TR01-KA229-059870_6
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:160170 €
Sumár projektu:We have agreed on this project as six schools from Turkey, Italy, Norway, Romania, Macedonia, and Slovakia to make a project about using technology and avoiding its bad or side effects. Having this project, we are able to meet each other and to understand what methods can be used commonly in our schools and how to put technology into our education progress and how to avoid the bad effects of the Internet. In the course of the project, we will also make some concrete outputs that we firmly believe that these outputs will illuminate our paths while working in our schools. We have come together six schools to share our experience on technology and our weak side in struggling the sides effect of the technology. We are Planning In every mobility: • Examples Lessons; teachers are going to show an example lesson which technology is used. • Seminars in the school; presentations about using technology in schools and Internet traps. • Erasmus + school boards; To announce the Erasmus + Project and acquisitions of each mobilities • Acting out a drama or short film about cyber crime; to show the internet traps efficiently • Performing gym to prevent technology’s physical damage; to live healthy • Stant in schools’ events; To show our souvenirs and present our Partner countries • News in the local press; to show our tasks and present our project • Presentation of Statistics about cyber crime and types of cyber crime; to raise awareness about cyber crime . Building up a WASTECH technology class to raise awareness of secured internet technology . Visit Police Department: to give some information about cyber crimeIndividual tasks: • A Web site include resource pool - Turkey • Technology dictionary - Italy • Booklets about memories - Romania • Questionnaires - Macedonia • Multi language dictionary - Slovakia • Logo - Turkey • DVD recording mobilities - Norway • Leaflet “how to save our privacy from cyber trap” - Norway • Forming Facebook group” Romania
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola Pavla Marcelyho