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Can you play with me?
Číslo projektu:2018-1-TR01-KA229-058445_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:144780 €
Sumár projektu:In addition to it’s pretty much benefits in our life such as getting information quickly, increasing our life standards,earning time we need in daily life and having fun, internet has also many harms we can’t count. So,the target of our project that we try to develop is to lessen internet addiction to lowest level,and even to extinguish it completely,we aim to change students' point of view in entertaining way,remembering that they are children. Internet addiction isn't only a problem in our countries,effecting children’s life negatively and causing many problems.These problems are: Physichally;Eye disorder,backbone disorder,posture disorder,decrease in sleep quality,exposure to radiation and harmful rays and obesity, etc.And social problems are, failure in academic success,personal problems,school and familial problems,using time inefficiently,failure,getting away from social life and being introvert,etc. We aimed to design activities useful for physical and intellectual growth,by leading children towards games and helping them invent new games,for children having those problems around us,especially in our classroom in order to end these physical and psychological deficiencies.In this respect,we aim to end this internet addiction making task distributions with our project partners.In our struggle for ending internet addiction,the countries and their works'll be as following; *Italy'll be responsible for arranging “game feast”.Students from partner schools,will create their own games under their teachers guidance and they'll play them and make them play to their friends at school.Later, 5 partner schools'll come together and the game feast'll be organized.The feast'll provide the opportunity for exchanging games by each country play other countries’ games and vice versa.Also,countries'll introduce their traditional games and allow others play them so culture exchange'll occur.During this activity helping children enjoy while learning people in the project(students, teachers, etc)will experience different learning environments and expand their horizon.Because everybody'll communicate in different languages during the activities,they'll also improve their language skills. *Poland'll be responsible preparing the e-book of the project which includes the purpose and running of the project and game feast.In this e-book,introductions and informing in every partner country language so all partner countries'll have information about the running process of our project *Slovakia's responsible for organizing and exhibiting the workshops of all countries together by demonstrating the directions of the games in a way that everyone can see on the web page *Turkey'll be responsible for giving seminars about the important role of games in children’s improvement and growth *Romania'll be responsible for saving the activities during the exhibition and play of games. While 5 partner countries fulfill their tasks above their students'll learn new games and will introduce and show their own games to other partner countries.By this way they'll use their language skills to communicate each other. All students will experience active learning seeing different countries’ learning environments. Finally,all these activities such as games,feast,communication,creating and designing games,presentation and trip- observe;children'll gain positive behaviors like learning new things without internet,using time efficiently,being physically active,learning to share,improving social skills,being respectful and creative thinking etc. To achieve these goals,we work with all the children who involve in the effort to work together to contribute to these issues. 1.Children learn differences in cultures by sharing their experiences. 2.Using English in class:Children can use it in a real,familiar environment(writing, listening and listening). 3.Participation in activities:Children in all affiliated schools develop a better understanding and respect for their place in the world and value their impact on the environment. 4.Allowing teachers to participate in technical discussions while attending a permanent practice group and participating in project meetings at various partner schools. 5.Making sure our students benefit from masks that are equally important in the European context.Students benefit from their commitment to other children in Europe(including language exchange). 6 Games help you remember better,because when you are reading,you remember them better when you teach.Language lessons use all these skills together! 7-These games help you develop new skills.Because when you learn something new,you can reinforce this knowledge by practicing it by speaking and writing. 8-These games give you time to express yourself,the writing gives you the ability to slow down and takes too many words to choose the perfect words. 9-These games allow you to try new things at LTT event.This gives you the freedom to experience new words and sentence structures.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium sv. Andreja