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Training on Plastic Mould Making
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA202-046367
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:215355 €
Sumár projektu:The Mould Making Industry in Europe is producing more than 8.000 M€ per year. Its importance is not only reflected on their market share, it is a strategic sector that directly influences the competitiveness of the majority of processing companies and industrial sectors such as the automotive, electronics, packing and packaging sectors. Although the main part of the Mould Making Industry is the Plastic Mould Making, there is a lack of professionals qualified and with knowledge and competences about the specificities of plastic in Europe. The project will be launched with the main objective of increasing the competences of mould making professionals (CVET) and young students engaged on apprenticeships or vocational education on Metal Mould Making Training (IVET) about the specificities of plastic. The project will have the next specific objectives: - To map a Professional profile of Mould Making Industry that will allow to better understand the training needs of the sector, so it opens up other more training initiatives (m10) - To produce the specific training on Plastic Mould Making with flexible usability. (first version month 13 and final version m24) - To transfer all Training Materials as well as the tools developed to the countries specificities of the partner’s countries. (m24) - To assess the learning programme and the Course contents through the execution of 3 Pilot training courses. (m21). - To Disseminate Project Results to main stakeholders (from m2 to m24). It is estimated to reach a number of 5.200 stakeholders through dissemination activities (see section H2 for detailed information). - To be aligned with the Smart Specialization Strategy. (3) - To Implement the training courses in partner countries after the project (sustainability) The execution of the Project will be structured according to the next work plan 1. Development of a Professional Profile Map A learning outcomes-oriented profile for mould making professionals with a plastic specialization will be developed as a basis for the development of training modules. 2. Development of Training Methodology, Tools and Materials Selected innovative Methodology, contents and tools will be combined, developing theoretical and practical contents, methodologies and the corresponding tools. 3. Validation Pilot Training activities will be executed on each participant country. MOULD4PLAST partnership is composed by 5 members with complementary capacities ensuring a smooth and successful running of the project. - Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK), is established to represent, coordinate and protect common interests of its around 1.000 members. As the automotive industry has become the most important sector and driving force of the Slovak economy over the past 20 years, the number of the members’ companies – automotive suppliers of SOPK have grown significantly and today it accounts for one third of the membership. - Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster c.a. (AUTOKLASTR) was established to increase competitiveness and to encourage innovation and export capacity of interconnected companies, entrepreneurs and institutions in the Region. Cluster actively coordinates innovative approaches in: Development of Human Resources - educate and develop competencies. Trade Relations - cluster saves money and opens up space for new markets. Research and Development Activities - test products and encourage innovation. - 3S research laboratory (3SRL) is one of the leading educational research organisations in Austria. The organisation designs projects in the field of knowledge, learning and work – most notably in vocational education and training (VET), higher education (HE) as well as adult education. - AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with more than 500 associated companies. AIMPLAS has participated in more than 90 projects (FP5, FP6, FP7, LIFE+, EcoInnova. & H2020), among others, coordinating several of them. - AVIA brings together 102 companies related to the automotive sector. AVIA brings together the entire sector’s value chain. Currently, the joint turnover of the associated companies is more of 13.000million euros, which is 13% of regional GDP of the Valencia region. The set of companies in the cluster are employing more than -31.200 people directly. AVIA is in position of the Bronze Label, recognised by the Cluster EXCELENCE Expert Group. The main results of the project are the Professional Profile Map and the Training on Plastic Mould Making itself that will have an impact at long term by providing a professional profile highly demanded by the Industry so it will on one side contribute to employment and on the other increase the competitivity of the Mould Making Industry (by increasing the quality standards and degree of complexity of the injected plastic products) and thus the competitivity of related sectors (automotive mainly but also packaging, etc).
Koordinátor:Slovenská obchodná a priemyselná komora