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The support of Professional development of VET teachers and trainers in following of New trends in Automotive Industry – STEP AHEAD II - Automotive Innovation & Teacher training Academy
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA202-046334
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:208290 €
Sumár projektu:In Slovak republic, car industry is the key industrial sector. Car producing companies and industrial parks create 200 000 work places, which creates 9% of the total employment rate. Car production subsequently requires other experts, who sell the cars and provide high quality service. This area offers more than 10 000 additional job opportunities. However, with fast changing technologies and innovative solutions it becomes difficult to follow the needs in this industry in terms of qualifications needed. Currently, in Slovakia, there are 14 000 qualified workers missing on the automotive work market (TASR 2017, Feb 27th). The above numbers affect also vocational education system, setting up concrete requirements for: - Qualified VET teachers and practical workshop leaders in 87 schools in Slovakia, providing relevant training programmes in automotive professions (ISCED 3C), (ISCED 3A) - Necessity of Innovative, high quality teaching materials reflecting the work market needs In March 2015 SŠOA DA carried out the online research, targeting 87 secondary vocational schools in Slovakia, from automotive professions. From 71 respondents, 78,9% confirmed the need to integrate the topic of new trends and innovations into current school curricula. 94,4% expressed their interest in the new teaching methodologies and 93% interest in interactive online resources. Also, strong interest and need for teacher training was confirmed through STEP AHEAD I. project, linked to this application,, where 24 training participants and about 70 conference participants from both SK and CZ expressed their interest and need for similar kind of learning opportunity. Proposed project, is, therefore, built on the real and concrete needs confirmed by 71 respondents of the online research (2015), as well as by 94 STEP AHEAD I. project participants (2017), while providing one of the possible solutions to actual situation. In the proposed project, in addition to providing intensive teacher training programme, we envisaged 2 main outputs: O1/minimum of 60 Interactive learning screens - focused on concrete topics of the new trends in Automotive industry O2/minimum of 10 support teaching methodologies Project outputs will be developed in partnership of 5 institutions & 2 associated partners: SSOŠA DA Bratislava (SK), INAK (SK), KOMTES (CZ), APAGA (ES), TTS (FI) & NAPA TRUCKS (CZ) and SŠA Holice (CZ). All VET partners will provide expert supervisory on the concrete topics on automotive innovations. Project directly targets the group of VET teachers from secondary automotive schools in all partner countries, as well as partners staff representing work-based settings, including experts on innovations: • 36 Slovak and 15 other VET teachers of secondary schools from SK, CZ, ES, FI as direct project participants • 10 key staff members of partner institutions, representing work-based settings • 500 teachers of Automotive professions from 87 schools, covering these professions in Slovakia only, as future users of teaching materials, with approximately 21 750 students in these professions and others from CZ, ES, FI • other beneficiaries and experts in all project countries. We believe that project, by its nature, has a potential to contribute to increase of quality of VET in Slovakia as the first priority, for the benefit of all the other project countries, too.