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Tracking Learning and Career Paths of VET graduates, to improve quality of VET provision
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA202-046331
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:261521 €
Sumár projektu:The employability of young people is a concern in many EU Member States, especially in Southern and Eastern Europe. In many countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Spain and Cyprus, VET graduates are unemployed or they are working in jobs irrelevant with their studies. Good quality information about what VET graduates do after leaving education and training, how they use the knowledge, skills and competences they gained, is essential to understand both the causes of employability problems and the success factors in particular regions, economic sectors or for graduates from particular VET institutes and disciplines. Tracking VET students and graduates and providing feedback and input to the quality assurance system of the VET provider is also one of the main gaps in the implementation of EQAVET. IRCD, the project applicant is a research and education facility of the Technical University of Košice. Project partners are IDEC (training consulting company with extensive experience in European projects), IEK DELTA (Vocational Training Institute of post-secondary education), NAVET (National VET authority from Bulgaria), Eurofortis (not-for-profit organisation working in training field, personal and professional competence development), 3s (leading educational research organisations in Austria), Intercollege (private college offering a wide range of Vocational Educational and Training (VET) study programs (Higher Education/VET) to students in Cyprus), P.I.T. (a subsidized private VET and secondary school in the Basque Region), and Q-Impulz (non-governmental non-for-profit training and research organization). On Track” project will contribute to skills needs identification, gathering relevant data from VET graduates. The project “On Track” will develop, evaluate and put in use a VET graduates tracking system for graduates of initial vocational education and training schools and institutes. The specific objectives of the project are: To analyse, in depth, the context and need in each country. To develop a tracking system for VET graduates at institute level that will feed into the quality assurance system of the VET provider To pilot test and implement the tracking system, establish tracking mechanism and integrate it, in VET monitoring processes. To support VET providers to establish the tracking mechanism and integrate it into their quality assurance system. The target groups of the project are VET schools and institutes providing secondary (EQF levels 3-4) and post-secondary (EQF level 5) initial VET as well as institutes providing further VET courses. The main results of the project will be: O1. Context study of tracking systems and measures The study will be used as a starting point to analyse the national context, to identify indicators that have to be included in the tracking system, specific needs to be addressed and potential challenges. The context study will be performed at national level and the results will be compiled in a transnational study and will be the basis for the development of the tracking system. O2. Tracking system for VET graduates At the core of the tracking system is a tracking survey addressed to VET graduates that will gather data related to further education, employment, career paths, skills and competences required in the labour market and other relevant information. We will develop a model tracking survey that will be adapted to the specific needs of each VET provider that will implemented. The tracking survey will be developed in two different open source survey tools, so that each VET provider can choose the one that can be better integrated within their IT system. Apart from the tracking survey, the tracking system will include methodologies and mechanisms for preparing, managing and administrating the survey, evaluation of the results, keeping registry of graduates. O3. Guide: Implement tracking system and integrate it into organisation quality assurance system A guide for VET providers will support them to implement the tracking system and integrate it into their quality assurance system. The guide will address VET providers that want to implement the tracking system with their own resources and will provide step by step methodological guidance. Other outputs that will contribute to project objectives and expected results are: C1. Learning activity: Establishing a tracking system for VET graduates. The learning activity will prepare project partners to implement the tracking system in the six selected VET providers and organise the pilot runs. 27 persons, three from each country will join the learning activity.
Koordinátor:Technická univerzita v Košiciach