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Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA202-046321
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:146392 €
Sumár projektu:The partnership consists of 6 secondary vocational schools (Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey and a coordinator from Slovakia) and two special institutions playing an active and important role in the field of vocational training and education (The State Institute of Vocational Education in Slovakia and 21 knowledge from Portugal). They all are connected with a common project objective to enhance the quality of VET including foreign languages via producing a CLIL in VET portfolio and an international curriculum for a specific subject called "Virtual Training Company". All participating institutions miss relevant support to launch foreign language in VET as well as common educational contents for training companies. CLIL (Contents and Language Integrated Learning) in this project is understood as a tool for professional development of foreign languages having a power to link theoretical education with practical education while strengthening the position of training companies in the process of VET. International partnership offers a possbility to make such curriculum on an international platform responding needs of the open European labour and trade markets. Partnership composition is a guarantee to achieve the objectives with the top quality outcomes. It secures participation of a big number of students and teachers who will produce lots of materials. These can be tested during the project activities in international environment. ŠIOV that is responsible for VET curricula in the country of coordinator supports schools with expert know-how, 21 knowledge offers training and further education for teachers in VET. During the project time most of its activities are open to a big number of teachers who can get involved with any groups of students in VET. Whilst 2 transnational project meetings are focused on monitorig, evaluating and planning the project activities, learning and teaching/training activities are aimed at collecting and testing materials, interactive workshops. Participants will attend CLIL lessons, test materials, evaluate results, share experience with other teachers. Students will organize virtual skype and real business meetings to develop cooperation with training companies abroad, invite special guests and experts to discuss with them, attend CLIL lessons. All these activities lead to creating two outcomes- CLIL portfolio and curriculum for the subject of training companies. Another main activity is an international "CLIL in VET" conference that will be held in Portugal with the aim to reveal and disseminate final products of the project. The expected impact is foreseen on all target groups. Considering students we expect improving foreign language skills and competences in professional context, higher motivation to study, professional and soft skills development, whilst teachers will acquire professional language competences, knowledge about different school systems and business rules. They are expected to welcome and use the portfolio, curriculum and implement these into their VET activities. As a result of good dissemination we believe in a higher number of schools implementing the subject of training companies and using CLIL approach in VET. All project outcomes will be accessable on the internet (and social media) freely.
Koordinátor:Obchodná akadémia Nitra