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Building bridges
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA104-045979
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:16075 €
Sumár projektu:Our organisation puts a great focus on long-life learning and personal and professional development. We are convinced that a high quality teaching can only be achieved and developed in the environment we take care of. We are a member of both international and Slovak professional organizations and over the years we have been involved in many projects and activities focused on the personal and professional development of teachers, lecturers and managers. The objectives of the project are mainly - To improve organisational management, leadership, quality of learning, mentoring and coaching at our school. - To become a recognised high-quality English language training centre and teacher training centre in Slovakia and abroad - To improve our processes and systems in order to complete our accreditation process and become a member of EAQUALS - To maintain our position on the market as a high-quality institution in language teaching/learning/mentoring/coaching - To develop and grow - To increase participation in learning and employability by developing quality career guidance, counselling and support services - To participate in international projects and develop cooperation with like-minded institutions within the EU There are 5 participants involved in the project, 2 of them the key persons of our institution responsible for a high quality performance of our trainers and of high personal and professional qualities, the other 3 who will be selected from our professionals based on a questionnaire and a personal interview prior to the launch of the project. There are 5 main areas we want to focus on within this project: 1. development in the area of CLIL 2. teaching difficult learners 3. teaching advanced students 4. neuro-linguistic programming 5. coaching and its place in language teaching We have already set up a project team consisting of the following members who will be responsible for all areas required by the project 1. Project manager (responsible for smooth running of the project/organising and leading project meetings) 2. Contact person (responsible for communication with the partner, National Agency and participants of mobilities/practical matters regarding travel arrangements, advice on insurance, etc.) 3. Accountant 4. Project participants We expect impact at all levels – local, regional and international. We expect impact on the participants, our institution, our students as well as a lot of teachers from all around Slovakia, mainly in the following areas: - application of different approaches to teaching and learning: NLP, CLIL, The Silent Way, Total Physical Response, Task Based Learning, Dogme Multiple Intelligence or The Lexical Approach - ability to define learning problems in students and approach them accordingly - language improvement - mentoring and coaching improvement - intercultural awareness - project management Constant improvement of the quality of our own staff gives us opportunities to become a recognised institution in teacher training and management training within European Union.
Koordinátor:the Bridge
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