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Grammar school Opatovská and its improvement of project management skills for cross-cultural exchange projects in Europe
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA101-045984
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:4290 €
Sumár projektu:Project background: Current European situation is rapidly changing and that is why our students need to be provided with the current issues of intercultural problems to develop their tolerance and to help them understand the world today. Teachers cannot provide information on the subject when they have not experienced it themselves, thus this project is a must for improvement of our intercultural and management competencies, which can be taught to our students. Open European labor market provides a great opportunity for our students to grasp the cultural differences between European countries and use and develop their cross-cultural awareness. One of the strongest positives of this project is the collaboration with different teachers from different countries, so the intercultural training will take place not only with the guidance of the organizers during the seminars, but throughout the whole training course by interacting with different teachers. Another advantage provided by the training course is the opportunity to meet new potential partners for future collaboration in other Erasmus+ projects and thus strengthening the intercultural learning even after the training course. Main project goals: Improvement of intercultural, project management and linguistic skills of our teachers. Two of our participating teachers, with sufficient language skills, who are willing to participate in training course abroad, will use their newly acquired skills to promote intercultural European idea to their colleagues and students. Description of main activities: Participants will actively cooperate and engage in intercultural project management training courses throughout the week. Methodology for project implementation: All the important information about the cross-cultural activities will be implemented in the lessons by our teachers which will lead to a certain degree of institutionalization of the intercultural competences. Description of the expected results, effects and potential long-term benefits: One of the most desired results will be establishing new connections and experience for potential partnership in upcoming KA2 projects, in which students can participate and extend their scope of European citizenship. Motivation for the educational process and intercultural learning is one of the desired assets of this training course as well. Participation in the project and the resulting improvement of our teachers and the presentation of new ideas for the rest of the teaching staff should influence the future dedication for the collaboration on an intercultural scale. With the new skills and competencies, students will acquire, they will have a better chances of applying themselves in their future employment possibilities especially on an international and European market.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium Opatovská cesta 7