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Little steps make a big difference. Together, we care for our home.
Číslo projektu:2018-1-PL01-KA229-051240_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:148260 €
Sumár projektu:Project "Little steps make a big difference. Together, we care for our home " aims to make the 6 partner schools sustainable in ecological, social and economical area of cooperation. Pupils from partner countries will be in the centre of attention within the project activities. Teachers will act to perform specific tasks to transform each partner school into ecologically, socially and economically sustainable places for all participants. Starting with the program of National Ecological Activity Centers which are located in each partner country, we will act to become schools that specifically stimulate social activity of residents. We will work to give example of good practice and action, create an active educational environment for young people. Our mutual goal is the implementation of high quality measures that will lead all partner schools to get Eco-certificates of Local Environmental Activity Centres and finally a "Green Flag". We will followall steps towards the Green Flag and making the school increasingly eco-friendly. This probram also encourages and enables international cooperation. Thus, special activity set is developed for each partner school for the two years of this partnership. In this project we will work to make pupils and teachers aware of their possibilities to take individual steps in their locality, to make it more ecological and socially comfortable place to dwell. For this aim we will organize workshops in which pupils will be main performers. They will be enabled to work out their own ideas, put them to good practice and evaluate. Project cooperation will lead to the growth of social, language and ICT competences, which will be helpful to prepare all engaged students for better future career. Sustainability being the main theme of this project also represents an important aspect of cooperation in our partnership. The expertise in ecology subjects will be sent on to the other partner countries. Cooperation in European dimension and the European Union will be explicit and what is most important - personally experienced by the participants. During 6 LTTAs at least 4 students and 3 teachers from each partner country will meet and cooperate. Scheduled topics will be developed, like: „Developing Eco-School", "How can we save water?", "Developing your school ground", "Eating well", "Waste cut and how to measure it", "How to minimize use of energy". Also "Sports days" will be organized at each partner school. All steps for achieving the targets set out in our Action Plan will be reflected in "Erasmus + Eco Story" made of parts developed by all partners. Visible results of ecological and sustainable change of the living space - our school, which are reached by all beneficiaries will be widely presented in locality. Erasmus Plus Eco Clubs with (with members of Eco - committees) will work weekly, eco-actions will be spread to all students at school, to supporting institutions, to local society and also to Eurpe via educational platforms, social networks, etc. Participants of transnational meetings will obtain Europass Mobility documents, which will be useful in their future career. Thanks to wide dissemination and continuous evaluation (the use of questionnaires after every workshop conducted during the planned LTTAs, audit after each year for national certificate) - the high level execution of the school partnership will be guaranteed. In addition, all the partners agreed that the pupils should live with families in the relevant partner countries, thus will get to know the people and the culture of the partner country. Our goal is also to arrange travel abroad for many students facing financial, social or cultural obstacles for the first time in their life. The youth undertaking definite steps and bringing to life concrete results and experiences cooperating on ecological issues, will at the same time work out mutual respect, sense of tolerance and better understanding of each other. Thus, project collaboration will bring to beneficiaries a long lasting positive effect on their European awareness.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola Dargovskych hrdinov 19