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Culture In Action
Číslo projektu:2018-1-FR01-KA229-048082_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:87366 €
Sumár projektu: Culture In Action will be a two-year project resulting from a partnership among teachers and pupils who work in different but complementary schools in Cyprus, France, Slovakia and the Netherlands.We are two vocational and 2 general schools.Our pupils will be 14-17 years old. Many from our students come from social disadvantaged families and are issued from immigration and have no opportunity to travel, to come in contact with people from other countries, to get in touch with other cultures and to experience their culture heritage. They lack confidence in themselves, in autonomy and in self esteem. With our project we will be able to give them keys to show them the richness in them and around them and that diversity and its cultural heritage is a positive way to be integrated into the society they live in. Knowing the other cultures our pupils will become more tolerant, more open minded and it will stimulate their mutual respect, push them to carry on their studies to become active European citizens. They are bond with the history and identity of their past (herited from their parents and grandparents) with the present in their everyday life and with the future that they will pass on to their younger brothers and sister and children. Our four schools are convinced of the benefit of European projects on their pupils. Our objectives are : To gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of foreign cultures and strengthening international relationships in creating an escape game To confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone. To give our students the feeling they are European citizens We will be working with the Twinspace of eTwinning, it will allow us to have a secure place where to work, to share, to discuss, to collaborate on the different themes and tasks with a much larger number of students between and during the Learning,Teaching, Training activities which will take place. Teams of motivate teachers and administrative staff will come to support our students to achieve the final best results in our project. There will be 4 Learning, Teaching, Training activities, one in each country, two during the first year and two during the second year. During the life of our project, our pupils will work in national and international teams to discover each other, to confront their ideas, to increase their language, entrepreneurial, ICT skills. They will have to present, analyse, synthese, collaborate, create tasks and activities. They will learn and teach different traditional songs and dances of their partners.. There will be several tangible results in our project : leaflets promoting the points of interests in our regions of our four countries which will be distributed to primary pupils to make them discover their cultural heritage; a recipe ebook with our fusion meals ; films of our mobilities ; newsletters explaining our activities; a website ; the twinspace ; an escape game. The escape game will be composed of questions, riddles about the cultural themes such as our traditional food and the singing and dancings which match with important celebrations in our respective country. This escape game will be played by volunteer pupils in our respective schools during the celebration of the Day of Europe. With this innovative way of working to learn by doing, we hope our pupils will be interested and more willing to motivate themselves in their studies to engage themselves on higher studies and to get the higher diploma as they can and want. They will gain new skills from their peers and they will realise that they all need each other to create and arrive to produce something. We wish they will be better integrated into the society and will become more curious with other people cultures in order to have in mind to enrich oneself and to tolerate one's neighbour. Our project will have long term benefit because our results wil be available to everyone, leaflets, the escape game will be available in our website and on the eTwinning Twinspace. Every person interested could play with it the idea can be transferable to the other numerous themes which is included into European Heritage.
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