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Empowering Mathematics Acquisition Through Handy Softwares
Číslo projektu:2018-1-FR01-KA229-047847_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:187140 €
Sumár projektu:In recent years, the issue of competence in Mathematics and ICT has become so important as to be taken up at the highest policy level. Mathematical competence has been identified as one of the key competences necessary for personal fulfilment, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability. Digitisation is also leading to increasing demand for ICT professionals in all sectors of the economy. Besides, the target set by H2020, stating that 'by 2020 the share of 15-year-olds with insufficient abilities in reading, mathematics and science should be less than 15%', can be achieved by enhancing cooperation capacity of schools to cope better with socio-cognitive challenges with international projects. After conducting a survey about the most challenging courses among the members of our schools and having the results that nearly 81% have difficulty in learning maths subjects;87% are very interested in ICT, and 93 % want to join in international projects, we decided to apply for this project with Germany, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia and Poland. We aim to make Maths authentic and easier to learn via using ICT, as a facilitator, and creating an App (e-learning tool) about basic mathematical subjects and having LTT activities on them, and on coding languages, which will be an amusing way for our students to engage with. The App, to be named E-Maths, will be publicated on Google Play Store-Apple Store for free to serve as bridge between the school subjects and the real life situations Objectives: -to create an effective innovative teaching e-tool, to be named E-Maths, test and implement it in the field of open education -to promote the acquisition of mathematical skills and key competences addressing the underachievement in Maths, and the raising demand for ICT specialists by labour markets. -to strengthen internationalisation in our schools, to build up our capacity for cross-border cooperation and the ability to cope with common socio-cognitive challenges -to offer international learning/exchanging experiences to our students/staff. -to improve our students’ vision to see the future in creating mobile softwares and in careering to promote digital entrepreneurship -to support the professional development of educators especially in dealing with challenges in teaching Maths and use of ICT-based teaching methods -to contribute to the full development of human potential and to raise awareness of the importance of inter-cultural understanding -to foster inclusive education; to enhance the access, participation and learning performance of students with educational difficulties -to develop digital learning materials/tools (app,logo,posters,brochures,videos,pictures) Concrete Results: -Emaths App -Logo -Website -Twinspace -Social media groups -Calendars 2019/2020 -Theatre Play -Brochures -Posters -PPTs -Workshops -Organizing transnational LTT activities in which the students will have chance to experience learning maths subjects in different techniques applied by host school as the best and transformed into the Emaths app, and learning some basic coding languages, testing-implementing what they have learnt from the App in real life -Establishing website/e-Twinspace and social media accounts to promote, evaluate, disseminate the project results on all levels. -As many people as possible from the communities of the participating schools will be involved in the project activities, and a great number people will benefit of the results of the project directly or indirectly. -The main methodology to be followed is based on Authentic Learning, Problem Based Learning and ICT-based Learning, which is realistic and feasible in terms of learning maths in real world to better interiorize the subjects and use of ICT in learning/teaching Maths. Impact: -The participants will have international learning/exchange experience of Maths and Coding in the normal activities of the host school and real life situations, which will promote their acquisition of Mathematical and ICT competences/skills. They will understand/increase appreciation of the importance of Maths and ICT, of their and other languages/cultures, which will help them acquire cognitive, social, civic and intercultural competences necessary for personal and professional development -Creating the App will stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship, and let them contribute to an open/innovative education embedded in the digital era we are in.They will gain courage to overcome the obstacles/limitations in obtaining digital skills, and apply the knowledge they gained from LTTs into many labour sectors in their future life -The performance of students with disadvantages will be enhanced via inclusive dimension of the activities. The E-Maths App, website and twinspace will live on long after the project is completed through being updated and enriched. We will also make use of the other project results in our schools' curricula and learning goals.
Koordinátor:Stredna odborna skola elektrotechnicka, Sibirska 1, Trnava