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Security in ICT
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048077_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:93172 €
Sumár projektu:Issue of privacy and security in ICT is more and more relevant, especially in the group of young people, who use the modern technology every day and it is an obvious part of their lives. Therefore it is important to talk about potential threats and challenges that the use of new technology brings. This project is focused not only on the private level of ICT security areas (e.i. the spread of private information via social networking sites or the Internet, bank access, electronic signature, open source x licensed programmes) but also on the business level with the practical use of students´ firms (as a practical part of the project, students will prepair an ICT security plan for students´firms or general public). All this with the emphasis on the EU frame in the selected areas of security in ICT. The objectives of the project are: - increase students´ competences for the secure use of ICT - increase students´ awareness and understanding of the EU legislative in the selected areas of ICT security - increase students´knowledge and competences about ICT security for companies/own business - promote students´entrepreneurial skills by creating ICT security plan for students´firms - promote teachers´ knowledge and competeces in the selected areas of ICT by participating in the joint training. The project is composed of 5 schools and is designated for students aged 14-19. Students will work on project materials and results, they will help with preparation of joint meetings and activities at the school level including project dissemination. The project is well structured and covers the following topics: Introduction in ICT security, the EU legislative and partner countries´ rules, Threats and challenges for persons/ companies/ own business and ICT Security plans for firms or general public. Students will work on the topics above and present materials during the short-term student exchanges (3 international exchanges). The project also contains a short-term training for teachers about security in ICT. The project covers, in an innovative way, theoretical and practical part and involve modern teaching methods and approaches with the empahis on the collaborative learning and use of modern technology. The methods used: students´presentations, videos, worksheets, quizzes, international work groups, students´active participation with the emphasis on collaborative approaches, discussions with experts, examples of good practice, cooperation with Metropolitan university in Prague). The main project result are ICT Security plans, created by students, where they will use both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The project will enable students and teachers increase their digital, language and social competences, promote entrepreneurship education and implement new teaching approaches and activities in partner school curriculum.
Koordinátor:Obchodna akademia, Watsonova 61, Kosice