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Unity 2017
Číslo projektu:2017-1-UK01-KA219-036766_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:The project 'Unity' was inspired by the use of E-Twinning 'Global Citizen' programme which has become embedded within KS3 Computer Science lessons at TVA. The links initially developed on E-Twinning were further developed by a strategic, face-to-face project planning meeting of representatives of the five participating schools in Slovakia in January 2017. The objectives of the project are to develop each of the Global Citizen fluencies of Media, Information, Solution, Creativity and Collaboration, which have strong linked to the STEM and wider curricula in each school. The project is innovative as it aims to develop the fluencies through the promotion and preservation of long-standing traditions, values and cultures using 21st Century technologies and innovations in a way that makes it more engaging and accessible to a young audience. Furthermore, the project will promote fusion between traditional and modern technology, focusing on working with local organisations and businesses to develop the 'fluencies', whilst embedding the reality that we live in a culturally rich, but modern, innovative world and that to compete as global citizens, we need to embrace both aspects. At TVA there is a very strong mix of nationalities (particularly Eastern and Central European), religions and cultures, and this highlights that within Europe we all live under a global umbrella due to our proximity and interdependency. As such, it is crucial to develop collaborative links with countries where mobility is high to increase integration and understanding of the different cultures and systems, as well as to share knowledge and pedagogical practices. At TVA, for example, there is a growing number of Roma students and a further aim of this project is to promote educational equality across Europe through showcasing achievements of minorities such as Roma when they are given access to mainstream, quality education. It is an integral part of the ethos in each participating school to develop learners to be successful in a global world, it is also crucial that students develop their competences in STEM subjects to ensure that each country can fill shortfalls in critical industries. The project will be innovative as each country will develop an original workshop, which will focus on developing the skills of one Global Citizenship Fluency with the aim of producing a final product from each workshop which will then be collated and put together to make a family entertainment set. For example: - The UK will link with a local university and business to use programming, prototyping and 3D printing to create an original handicraft linked to cultural festivals (bringing tradition back to life in a way which appeals to young people - i.e. through technology which they will use to programme). - Slovakia will link with the local TV station to use multiple forms of media to create and distribute comic stories based on local folklore. - Poland will link with local educational and media organisations and use 3D printing to create a board-game based on prominent Polish personalities in history. - Hungary will link with local art galleries and digital print companies to use digital image manipulation to produce large scale art paintings during the workshop. - The Czech Republic will use sound manipulation and programming as well as links with the local church and religious organisations to produce an interactive game based on religion. Each product will be very different, but each will have a traditional focus developed through the use of modern / innovative technology and will be the culmination of the development of an individual 'fluency', all of the products will develop around the central theme of 'diversity reaching for unity'.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola kniezata Pribinu, Andreja Sulgana 1, Nitra