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Money matters
Číslo projektu:2017-1-SK01-KA219-035366
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:112670 €
Sumár projektu:There are 5 partners schools involved in the project ,, Money matters'': Gymnazium Petra Pazmana s vjm-Pazmany Peter Gimnazium in Nove Zamky-Slovakia (as a coordinator), Szkola Podstawowa NR 1 IM.PLK. K. IRANKA OSMECKIEGO w zespole szkol w Pstragowej-Poland, Scoala Gimnaziala "Samson Bodnarescu" Galanesti in Siret- Romania, Colegio Santo Ángel de la Guarda in Madrid, Spain and Primary School of Kouloura-Greece. Our schools are located in different sites, starting from villages and finishing in big cities, they are of a different size and number of pupils but in general the project involves 300 students aged 9-16 and 50 teachers. Late European happenings as Brexit, Dutch elections, monetary issues made us think about the importance of preserving the European Union. It is crucial to make students understand how European Union works and how each country can be a part and individual at the same time. As partners we decided through this topic to focus on financial literacy and history/interesting events in each countries´ past. The project deals with several issues involving finances and financial matters, the European Union and its currency. The main goal of the project is to increase our pupils' interest in the European Union, its happenings and influence on our lives. The project includes mathematics, civics, history, art, ICT, develops numerous language skills. Having partners both using euro and having local money makes this project unique, and diverse. We intend our students to become more interested in the EU, learning and using foreign languages, making international friends and increase their motivation to learn about real life in other European countries in context of future job choices. We need our students to see how teenagers live in different countries, we hope that together we can find a solution to promote European Union and how to increase awareness of historical, cultural diversity of a few European corners among students and teachers. It is an opportunity for those who are creative as the results of our work will have to be published, presented and documented in many different ways: photographs, drawings, PPt presentations, graphs, school and local magazine issues, school webpages, project blog, documentaries. It will also be a challenge and a great chance for students with some specific problems ( learning difficulties, social and economical problems) for developing language skills and improving ICT skills.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium Petra Pazmana s vjm-Pazmany Peter Gimnazium
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