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Let's MYTH together!
Číslo projektu:2017-1-PL01-KA219-038748_7
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:The project " Let's MYTH together!" is addressed to young students and is related to stories and characters in myths, legends, fairytales. This provides opportunities for further expansions in arts, history, geography, ancient culture, creative writing and drama. Sharing friendhip and co-operating with other children from other countries can provide opportunities also for cultural understanding, citizenship, language development, within the context of international education. Exchanging materials through ICT tools ( for Skype conferences, Chats, e-mails, Forums, Powerpoint, school websites publishing, BLOG, creation of a photobook and a website; videos, drawings, photos publication of a book with pictures produced and painted by the pupils both in English and mother language.) is very important in this creative project and it will develop social skills, self confidence, team working and independent learning. And GENERAL OBJECTIVES: 1- Let the children understand that language and social differences are not barriers to communication and common work among European citizens; 2- approach citizenship and young learners to the knowledge and respect towards other countries; 3- compare different European cultures: explore new forms of dialogue and contacts through legends, myths and tales of different countries; 4- stimulate the skill in detail observation; learn to distinguish between reality and fantasy , as well as between realistic and unrealistic representations; 5- know and let know the most famous fantastic creatures, protagonists of myths and legends of our own country; 6- stimulate creativity in re-using the acquired knowledges; 7- writing short fantastic stories; 8- make connections among different school-subjects; 9- miming and acting a story chosen; 10- learning songs and rhymes; 11- implementing skills in the use of non-linguistic communication. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: • enhance curiosity, attention, availability, democracy, sensitiveness and respect of other people and cultures; • acquire confidence and self-esteem; • be able in interacting with others; • set up friendship relations; • co-operate in the fulfillment of a common project; •know, recognise and give value to diversities; •enhance an attitude of curiosity and willingness towards different cultures; . seize analogies and differences among different environments and cultures; • recognise and overcome prejudices; • express feelings and emotions; METHODOLOGIES: Integrating Technology; Problem-Solving; Cooperative Learning; Demonstration, acting and memorization; Learning by teaching; teaching by task; Guided discovery; Case-based Learning; Using the white board as a brainstorming tool; Discussions; Games; Graphic organizers; Immersive Environments ; Multimedia Instruction; Podcasting; Portfolio ; Simulation; Student Presentations; Video-conferencing. RESULTS AND IMPACT ENVISAGED: to get involved in further international projects,to have a team of teachers with a wider vision of education through tolerance, and aware of different teaching and learning methods, to enrich our curricula with the products made by the students; to improve the quality of our school in terms of formative offer and through the dissemination of the experience. Results include paper and multimedia resources, handiwork and audiovisual material as well as events, seminars, videoconferences, exhibitions, research, dissemination, and products like curricula, studies, reports, events and websites, but results are also the experience gained by the participants, partners and stakeholders involved in the project. They will be displayed onto the partners' school website, in each school participant, in the schools social networks and advertised on the web (You-tube videos). The results of the project will remain permanently available in the official website of the project, as well as in the social media page (Facebook) .
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola Nad Medzou
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