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Číslo projektu:2017-1-LV01-KA219-035419_8
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
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Sumár projektu:The main idea of the project EUROMOSAICA is to promote international cooperation of eight European schools (from pre - school to secondary) which aims to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and to encourage a dialogue in our local communities, school society in eight European regions (Latvia, Italy 2 regions - Ischia and Sicily, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey). We will try to build a mosaic between our countries in multicultural communication and learning together. The partnership we intend to do is focused on children aged 3-16, therefore we will teach them not only cooperation, but also responsibility and care about younger working in teams. Sharing is very important social skill in today's life. According to Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, one of the targets is to improve the quality and efficiency of education and training. It highlights the importance of smart growth in education, through encouraging people to learn, study and update their skills. The project activities will spread and highlight the educative initiatives regarding multicultural understanding and promotion of local cultures, languages and traditions within European concept as well as provide new and innovative approaches in teaching considering the fact that each student is different, so called student - centered teaching. One of the goals is to show that diversity has positive aspects. The students will think about problems globally and learn that different does not mean bad. They will become aware of their own identity, different cultures, traditions, values and diversities around them. We will focus on situations which are part of pupils' everyday life and groups they belong to such as family, school, minorities, and discriminated groups in their community. The main motivation of this project is to create young generations who are connected to their nations’ saving and values which came through the history. This project will help the students to know where they come from, to be proud of their roots, but at the same time tolerate with others. To achieve the aim of the project we are planning the project for two years. The project will let participants to investigate and compare different culture issues such as language, culture, traditions and customs supported by innovations and technologies; improve their skills and abilities to organize local and international meetings, educational excursions, share the best experiences concerned to the educational excursions, make contacts with local community and city council as well. We are going to put pieces of a 'mosaic' together - each of piece will be done either during the meetings or during other local activities; they should be put together for all participants to know that we are all important and that we have all done something for building and creating better world around us - better Europe. All pieces of mosaic would not be only put together like small pieces of puzzle, but they will all be personally experienced, lived, worked out by the activities that teachers and their students will personally do together. By project activities we would like to deal with differences in learning outcomes linked to the geographical and socio - economic disparities by providing more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside our organizations: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities of the schools involved. We are going to apply eight great attitudes or values into the cross- curricular activities in each school involved in this project: 1. Language and culture. 2. Manners and celebrations. 3. Clothes, dressing and folk art . 4. Food and rituals. 5. Religion and religious traditions. 6. Traditional crafts. 7. Family life and community life. 8. Multicultural atmosphere in the regions. Each partner will be responsible for applying one of the values in during the project implementation. During the project and on its completion the following results are expected: 1) Outputs: tangible results like different presentations made during project; materials, film documentary, videos and photos of events; comics and website produced by students and teachers, newsletters. 2) Outcomes: intangible results. The added value gained through the achievement of the project Euromosaica objectives: students - participants - will developed personal (self confidence, empathy, tolerance, understanding) and communication skills , digital and organizational skills and competences. All participants will gain experience in using real English in real life situations. Interpersonal skills like positive attitude, team player, flexibility and time management will be developed or improved. Figuratively speaking we will create a mosaic of eight great values of eight different partners in one global Europe.
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