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Vocational Educational Training For Skills, Competence and Practice for the Economy
Číslo projektu:2017-1-AT01-KA219-035010_6
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
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Sumár projektu:The project VET4SCAPE is a project for Higher Vocational Schools and wants to improve the quality of that education. The title of the project refers to Vocational Educational Training for Skills, Competence and The Practice for the Economy. A similar project has preceded this one, the experiences from that project are implemented in this planned project. We want to implement aspects laid down in the Declaration of the EU Ministers in charge of Vocational Education and Training for the period 2015 - 2020. (Riga conclusions 2015) There are basically 3 pillars on which this project is built. 1)The central part is to form junior companies in order to get hands-on experience with economic activities. The students gain experience with JA firms by planning and running these firms and exchange their experiences with national junior firms from the partner schools. Thus we will stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for their further careers. They will get a certificate for participation in the junior achievement scheme. The firms will be presented during a short term training event at the end of the project period. The goal is to strengthen entrepreneurship, especially in countries where it is difficult to set up a start-up company and to gain financial support for a new enterprise. Thus we want to make a contribution to keep well-trained graduates in their home country and discourage them from emigrating because they see a chance for the future at home. 2) A second aspect deals with enhancing the competence in Business English. Students will have the chance to go in for an LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) certificate. This will improve their abilities to communicate, negotiate and act in a confident way in an international business environment. 3) The third pillar will further the students' transcultural competence and ability to cooperate in an international team. For that they compile a list of advice about do´s and don´ts for particular countries for which they need to cooperate internationally. To be successful in business you must know the mentality and the background of a culture of a country to be able to succeed. In a globalised world it is necessary to prepare our students for international activities as soon as possible. In this project students and teachers will have the opportunity to get in contact with people from 6 other schools both directly and online. The project targets students and teachers from 7 VET schools in the project countries and stakeholders in connection with the schools (companies, local communities, parents, supporting organisztions like LCCI and Junior Achievement). The teachers involved in the project will have the opportunity to obtain further knowledge and competence through professional development. As economic activities are no longer limited to the national level, it is necessary to prepare the students for these activities on an international level and, therefore, we cooperate across borders (comparison of legal aspects for starting a business, salaries, educational systems, cross-border trade, etc.) On top of that, we want to source teaching competences in fields which we cannot cover in such quality at our own schools The results will be made available to any interested stakeholders both on the eTwinning platform, for which a project called VET4SCAPE has already been created and on a project website that still has to be established. Furthermore, we will offer the results in a teacher´s group on etwinning to gain as much publicity as possible. In cooperation with our stakeholders we want to make use of Junior Achievement Fairs to spread ideas, pass on best practice examples and instigate thoughts for business activities. Wherever possible, we will try to support start-ups at school locations, in which students are already involved, be it in family businesses or innovative concepts that are tried out for the first time. (In our previous project we ran across AquaPonic - a small company run by the brother of a student of our current partner school Profesionalna Gimnasia Dr Asen Zlatarov in Vidin, in which the current student is also involved) Our aim is to support creative initiatives in business and to encourage young people to get active entrepreneurs. The main aim of the project is to get graduates who have undergone hands-on practical experience in the running of a real company and who have learned to cooperate in an international team. Furthermore their knowledge of business English will be superior to average knowledge and the transnational competence will enable them to behave and act in an appropriate way in business and regular day-to-day situations in project partner countries.
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