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Developing Self, Students and School
Číslo projektu:2015-1-SK01-KA101-008550
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:11714 €
Sumár projektu:We established our school in 1991 as the first private secondary grammar school in our capital city of Bratislava. We were four enthusiastic teachers who wanted to offer the best to their students, to be up-to-date in pedagogy, to choose teachers and create a very positive and enthusiastic team of colleagues who love teaching and constantly working on their own development. We have found one of the secrets of school progress-doubts, questioning and applying what we have learned- new methods of teaching centered on doing and participating, creating new projects where teacher is not " the mother bird" feeding their off-spring with knowledge. Teacher is a mediator, helper, participant and active part of every project and class. Ouralmost 25-year history has proved that we set off in the right direction. We have developed a new form of education through special projects- Integrated Project Education (IPE) which we worked out and offered in several seminars to the teacher community in Slovakia. We organized and invited Slovak teachers to the seminars of IPE where they could learn about the methodand they could see the students' work and presentations. We have cooperated in several international projects with other schools in many European countries through Comenius projects in the years 1993-2010. We believe that in communication with partners we can develop ourselves, students and whole school. Now it is time to move on and therefore we introduced CLIL education in our school. We would like to do it professionally, compare our knowledge and include our young teachers into their self-study and development in new approaches in teaching. We decided after personal interviews and recommendations of language department at our school to send four applicants to these courses. Eva Jahelková, our former graduate who has returned to our school as a teacher of Chemistry and Science, is an enthusiastic young teacher with very good knowledge and interests in new ways of teaching. Andrea Gálová, an experienced teacher who works with students on social and historic issues, very good communicator and mediator. Viliam Kerekeš, a professional teacher of Geography and a personality who has always promoted "hands-in"education by organizing excursions, discussions with travelers and explorers. Katarína Kučerová, an English language teacher for advanced students. She has a very good relationship with students, organizes trip to London every year and works a lot on improvements in methodology of teaching. Our experienceswith students and their ways of learning teach us that if we want to give more we have to invest into our own development in order to be able to develop students. As we teach English and German languages compulsory with a lot of classes per week ( 6 classes) we have to be able to offer more and more to our students, as they are now entering our school with quite good command of English. Teaching other subjects in English can give them a better chance to study foreign sources, to study abroad and later in their life to get good jobs. We can see also benefits of crossingthe barriers between cultures, understanding other students, their lifestyle, culture, religion and beliefs so they will be equiped to avoid manipulation and extremism. The higher quality education means less prejudice towards nations in the European Union and the whole world. To put all these ideas in real life we need enthusiactic teachers who take their work not simply as a job but as a mission with far-reaching consequences. Our teachers believe in self-development and necessity of facing new ways, new challenges in education and we, as older teachers and managers responsible for the progress of the school would like to support them in their efforts. Therefore we will be very grateful if Erasmusplus could support our project.
Koordinátor:1.súkromné gymnázium, Bajkalská 20, Bratislava