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from Classroom To Career
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA201-000434
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:22640 €
Sumár projektu:from Classroom To Career (CTC) The main topic of this project is the transfer from school to the world of work through the tolerance towards oneself, environment, world.The project is focused on strengthening the skills and support of the students´ work system. The aim is to equip the young generation with the skills necessary for the success in life. These reasons led to the goals of our project: • obtain and provide information about social and emotional environment at schools, its systematic influence and thus increase of competitiveness • identify barriers which prevent the young from getting employed • successfully handle a job interview in a foreign language in order to apply for employment in EU countries • promote mobility as part of the learning process in formal and non-formal education. The innovative themes in the project are: • labour market analysis and youth employment in the participating countries, as migration of young people going away to find a job is a very up-to-date topic for our region. What to do to let them stay home? • topics of Global Education provide space for changing attitudes of individuals and strengthening awareness of their own role in the world, • motivation to take responsibility and education through active learning towards values of global citizen, • comparison of youth employment know-how among partner countries, • integration of school-to-work-transitions package into the overall quality of education, • development of entrepreneurial skills of the students involved, • migration of young people from the community of origin, depopulation and aging community, reducing the number of qualified individuals who live in origin areas. We are a partnership of five countries – Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Our communication language is English. All the partners in this project are responsible for one subject, as we intend to visit each partner country once. Responsible means the participating country will organise the programme for all the participating schools and the project activities at own school. During the project twenty four students and teachers from every country will participate. Activities: I. Main activities 1. School Formation of emotional and social environment at school: School environment questionnaire Racial and religious tolerance / intolerance How environment at school influences learning results 2. From school to work Blog about young people´s opportunities to find a job in the region Labour market analysis and youth employment in the participating countries Creation of international students´ training company 3. Job Job interview, CV, motivation and cover letter in foreign language Creation of international students´ training company Reality of getting employed (prejudice and obstacles) II. Additional activities a) Social status and tolerance: - Dance - Musical - Short performance - Students´ competition in sport activities - Photographs b) Walking around the region - Photos of top regional sights The evaluation of the project will be realized during its duration and will consist of quantitative and qualitative methods to be implemented by all participating members (staff, pupils, coordinator). Results: We prepare these types of analysis: - at the beginning and at the end of the project a questionnaire will be distributed aiming at recording the pupils´ knowledge and attitude concerning the topic being researched, - formation of emotional and social environment at school – starting discussions about school environment questionnaire, racial and religious tolerance / intolerance - SWOT analysis, - labour market analysis and youth employment in the participating countries, - model of CV in our region and differences among countries, - prejudices in the labour market, - local education opportunities and labour market. All students prepare their own portfolio consisting of: - CV - Cover letters - Marketing plan - Financial Plan - Team building activities. Dissemination: - analysis of the questionnaire, - conclusions about the model of CV, - Job Interview - students will analyze how they can handle a job interview and be ready for the main problems they could face, - presentation about young people´s opportunities to to find a job in the region, labour market analysis and youth employment in the participating countries, - publishing a PR article containing information and results of the project. The project will contribute to better readiness of graduates from partner schools for further education as well as current and potential needs of the labour market. Implementation of activities creates conditions for exchange of educational institutions. The project significantly enhances cooperation and links between local, regional, national and international educational institutions. After completion of the project we plan to: - Handle case studies from the project - Further strengthen created
Koordinátor:Stredná zdravotnícka škola
Partneri:Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação Aplicada
Lisboa, Portugal;
Istanbul, Turkey
Ceuta, Spain