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Bags to do in your city
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA201-000431
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:31725 €
Sumár projektu:Culture can be defined as the characteristics, the habits, traditions, and the beliefs of a country, religion, cuisine, music and arts of society, or a particular group of people. Cities have many different qualities in terms of culture, living styles, economic and social structures, history, beauties, and places to visit, food, environment and so forth. Human beings are an indispensable part of the place they live in and they cannot be considered separately. Nowadays, the children take pleasure in using computers, especially playing computer games and surfing the internet as the technology develops in a dazzling rate. They are not open enough to outside world to interact with the society. Thus, they are not aware of the city and of what they can do in the city. In this way, although people are social beings, they lose their social identity. According to the European priorities, our project focuses on the intercultural dialogues in order to promote international understanding and world peace. The educative community will discover value and respect; understand the local and national cultures, each country and region. Teachers and students will share and exchange experiences to reinforce cooperation in order to achieve great convergence and improvement. The students will develop social skills by sharing ideas, knowledge, tasks, materials and etc. They will learn a foreign language in a true situation of communication and will develop literacy skills as well. The purpose of the partnership is to learn about other cultures and compare with our own culture, to improve ICT competences and foreign languages. We will use the tools such as videos, internet, e-Twinning, the social media-Twitter, YouTube and Facebook-bulletin boards, posters, logos, pictures and books to share and compare different life styles. We will have knowledge and skills in many areas such as culture, history, languages, geography, art and etc. We will also explain the symbols of our own city, what is the most famous or important in your own city, by exploring culture, customs, lifestyles, historical places and natural beauties, crafts, food, dances, music and etc. We will create an awareness of the outside world and other cultures. We will make it the guide of our cultural development. We will also create our own products of activities such as a film, a logo and slogan, a pocket calendar, a digital mini dictionary, slide shows about our culture top creators and religious traditions, educational materials related to our cities, old toys, traditional dresses and games, an e-book with all the recipes of the partnership and the results of the questionnaires. The partner schools have students of the same ages and similar needs. The schools have a variety of cultural diversity with students from different social and economical backgrounds. We want to do this project mainly in terms of developing language and ICT skills and sharing cultures. We are altogether in this project aiming to achieve common goals. We will run the project according to the planned activities, budget and time schedule. The responsibilities of the coordinator and of the partners are determined. We will work cooperatively. In a multi-social and multi-cultural environment the students learn to take responsibility for each other, for the ones who are different in skin colour, religion or just from a different cultural background. Based on cooperative work between the schools, we would like to familiarize pupils with different cultures and enhance their understanding and create an interesting learning environment. Due to that, they will be aware of their city, Europe and their condition as European citizens.
Koordinátor:Základná škola Dr. J. Dérera
Partneri:Escola Torre Barona
Castelldefels, Spain
Zespol Szkol w Jezewie - Szkola Podstawowa im. Adama Mickiewicza
Jeżewo, Poland
Vigerslev Alle skole
Valby, Denmark
EB 2-3 Cónego Dr.Manuel Lopes Perdigão
Ourém, Portugal
Scuola secondaria di primo grado STABIAE
Castellammare di Stabia, Italy
MEB Ordu Unye Anafarta Ortaokulu
Unye, Turkey