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Let's take new steps in our teaching
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA101-000314
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:9015 €
Sumár projektu:Project Let's take new steps in our teaching starts on 1/7/2014 and finishes 30/6/2015. It is focused on improving English at all stages at our school by improving teachers' qualities and skills in different areas of teaching. Three teachers are going to participate. Every one has chosen different type of course depending on their needs and expectations as well as the school's needs. The chosen courses are British Life, Language and Culture, Teaching English through Multiple Intelligences and Teaching Advanced Students. We expect our personal improvement in language skills as well as getting the latest information in the following areas : British life, language and culture: • Issues of class and gender in British society • Youth culture • Changes in education and their effects on parents, teachers and children • The changing world of work • How the British enjoy themselves • Stereotypes of Britain and the British - how true are they? • Multiculturalism in Britain • The problems of today's society and what they can tell us • The relation between language and culture Teaching advanced students: • How to create a powerful, motivated, cohesive study group • Practical classroom applications of the work of Corpus Linguistics (the differences between authentic English and English that is taught at many schools and universities) • Teaching lexis through the Lexical Approach • Having fun with English through language games, humour, poetry etc. • Using authentic materials • Blended learning and using on-line resources • Work on your own and the learners feeling for ‘the Spirit of English’ • Using short, challenging materials that can offer a refreshing alternative to endlessly long reading and listening texts • Language and its relation to culture and identity; spoken grammar Teaching English through multiple intelligences: • Identifying and adapting your teaching for different intelligences • The concept of 'understanding' and how we can teach for 'understanding' • Applying the theory of Multiple Intelligences to the classroom through Teaching for Understanding • Using Multiple Intelligence as entry points for curriculum development • Teaching through art and music • Developing creative thinking skills • Using the brain's potential more fully • Raising student self-esteem • Portfolio and other performance based means of evaluation and assessment We hope to meet many new colleagues from different countries, share our experience and maybe starting cooperation with their schools. It could help our students by getting them into the foreign schools. Selected courses will improve language skills of the involved teachers and that strongly influence the level of English at our school.
Koordinátor:Spojená škola sv. Františka z Assisi
Partneri:The Education & Training Company Limited
Oxford, United Kingdom